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Un poco tarde pero os informo que este 2 y 3 de Mayo (mañana!) estaré en Granada para FicZone 2015.

Estaré viendiendo comisiones y viñetas y todas esas cosas buenas. 

Más información sobre el evento aquí:
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Contrary to what I said just yesterday when I uploaded my Spider-Verse pic, I totally made it into the Capcom Fighting Tribute book!…

Looking forward to sharing my 3 submissions here!
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I was super excited this past Friday when I saw that my Mario vs. Luigi piece made it as a Daily Deviation. I was in London at the time with limited computer access (we need to unite and centralize power plugs!) but I tried my best to reply to all messages. Huge thanks to TheCreativeJenn and welcome to all new watchers!

Speaking of London, I had a blast at London Super Comic Con this year. Unfortunately, I made it my goal to get to most portfolio reviews (really excited about the future possibilities some of these may have brought) so I wasn't at my table the entire time. Sorry if I missed you. People really seemed to enjoy my Supreme Guardians print and I just had a really good time chatting with everyone. So, if you're one of those people, huge thanks for everything. 

I know I haven't posted a lot of stuff and I need to catch up on a lot of commission work so it might be a while still. I hope to open a Patreon page next month which will, hopefully, give me the push I need to post more stuff on a regular basis. 
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So this Patreon thing is a really interesting thing to me. I've seen other artists have much success with it and I'd love to have a vehicle that allows me to draw more without having to worry about where my next rent money is coming from.

I want to do it right though so I'd like to test the waters and see how viable something like this would be. I've created a poll for that so please go vote on it and answer honestly. 

I have some ideas on what I could offer. Maybe I could have a higher tier wherein people vote on a character for my Mario Versus Series and I could do these more frequently also (twice a month maybe). I would also post PSD files, tutorials and other stuff that you already see offered by other artists on Patreon. It's stuff I'd have to consider about very thoroughly. 

It's something that interests me but, as I said, I'd love to see whether that's viable or not.

So go ahead and vote please!
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I was invited by the fine fellows at Teepublic to submit some designs and I did!

If I'm on your watch list you've probably seen some of these in some form already. I'll be uploading more stuff over the next couple of days and, if there's something in my gallery that you want as a t-shirt, I can gladly upload it for you.

The t-shirts are on sale for only $14 for the next couple of days so go crazy!

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This year I'll be back at LSCC! I had a blast last year and I was first in line (or online rather) when registrations opened again for 2015. 

Once again, I'll have prints for sale (a couple that were left over from last year as well as new ones). If you have a minute to spare, please look through some of my newer stuff and let me know what you'd like to see in print form. I'm pretty sure my upcoming Mario vs. Luigi will be one as well as this: Supreme Guardians v.3 by SebastianvonBuchwald (which I actually intended to sell at LSCC last year but I didn't finish it in time).

I'm also doing pre-show commissions once again for 50 pounds a pop so let me know if you'd be interested in that. I have a full set of warm and cool Copics now for nicer contrast also. ;)

I'll post more info once we get closer to March.

See you there! 
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I've opened up a Society6 account and I've added the following pieces for your print purchasing needs:

Ripley and Connor by SebastianvonBuchwald  Mushroom Samba by SebastianvonBuchwald Mario vs. Crono by SebastianvonBuchwald XIX Salon del Manga poster entry by SebastianvonBuchwald Mario vs. Big Daddy by SebastianvonBuchwald

Follow this link… to get free shipping + $5 off every print!

And feel free to request anything you'd like to see on there so I can add it for you. ;)
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100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyrArt

I don’t know what to draw so help me out!

Pick a palette and a character and, if I like the idea, I’ll do it. It can be somebody from comics, video games, movies, whatever. Keep in mind that I'm more likely to do it if it's someone I haven't drawn before.

Might do a few of these if I get good suggestions. 

Fire away!

Thanks, of course, to FallenZephyrArt for putting this together.

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Birthdays are a big deal for me so many thanks for making a special day even more special with your kind comments and messages.

I wish I could reply to each one individually but time forbids it. I do thank you all for taking the time to write something for me and I love you all equally, my trustworthy regulars and those that have never commented before just as much.

I know I haven't posted any art in a while and I aim to change that soon. Much is going on right now unfortunately.

Either way, many thanks once again!
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La próxima semana, del 15 al 18 de Mayo, estaré en la Carpa de Autores del Salón del Cómic de Barcelona. Tendré prints y, por supuesto, haré comisiones para aquellos que estén interesados.

Es mi segunda convención e imagino que será muy distinto a Londres pero, de igual manera, hay mucho entusiasmo.

Espero verlos!

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So I have two ideas for rather ambitious pieces with multiple characters and, once I finish up the 2-3 things I'm currently working on, I plan to tackle one of them.

One is of Kaneda and his bike gang and the other is of Goku and his direct family. The latter is appeals to me because we finally know what Goku's mother looks like. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want each of these to look like but I don't know which one to do first so yeah, once again it's poll time!

Vote for which one you'd like me to tackle first and I'll get on it first. But don't worry, I'll do the other one later on as well. 
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My Cowboy Bebop piece will be featured in the Cowboy Bebop Fan Zine!

Mushroom Samba by SebastianvonBuchwald

It's a pleasure to stand among so many great artist to celebrate this awesome show. Be sure to check out the full artist list + more info on the See You Space Cowboy Fanzine here: seeyouspacecowboyzine.tumblr.c…

You can pre-order it here:…

Thanks to Janet Sung for taking care of the whole thing!

I'll soon be on a flight back to Barcelona and, sitting in the hotel lobby, I just wanted to write down what an awesome time I had at London Super Comic Con this weekend while the feeling was still fresh.

This was my first con as an exhibitor and the first hour or so was completely nerve wracking. I panicked inside and I was absolutely certain I wouldn't sell a thing for a while but, soon after they opened the doors to the public, I got my first commission (thanks, Paul!) and they didn't stop coming after that. I actually had to start writing the names and characters down on a piece of paper so I could remember what I had to work on next. I had an actual commissions list! It completely blew my expectations out of the water.

So a huge, huge thank you to all the people that supported me. Not only the ones who bought stuff but those that stopped by to say a kind word or two just as much. Those that seemed literally shocked that I didn't work in comics yet and their simple "it's a matter of time." The kids that looked wide-eyed at the stuff I had on display. The ones that, after looking at my Cowboy Bebop print, allowed me to join them in reminiscing about the show. The guy that entrusted my with his Dan Slott signed Superior Spidey sketch cover. My kind neighbors at the Artist Alley. The complete pros that handled the event. A massive thank you goes out to all of you.

It's a strange feeling to have done so many pieces these couple of days and knowing that I might never see again. Because I was so busy, I unfortunately didn't get a chance to make my way to any of the portfolio reviews and I didn't see much of the con either but that's a small price to pay for being on the other side of the fence.

So thanks again to all and yeah, will definitely be back next year.

I'll be at LSCC on March 15 and 16 at Artist Alley table #A96 so if you're in the area, do stop by and say hi! Here's a lowdown of what I'll have there.


I'll have the following for sale as A3-ish size prints (many thanks to those that voted in my poll regarding these):

XIX Salon del Manga entry:
XIX Salon del Manga poster entry by SebastianvonBuchwald

Dark Judges:
Dark Judges by SebastianvonBuchwald

Batgirl Redesign
Batgirl Redesign by SebastianvonBuchwald

Mushroom Samba
Mushroom Samba by SebastianvonBuchwald

Psyclocke and Storm:
Psylocke and Storm by SebastianvonBuchwald

If you'll be attending and you want a print of something other than these 5 pieces drop me a note and I'll be happy to make a copy of it just for you. Keep in mind that I may not have high res files for some of my earlier stuff at this time but most of my newer stuff is good to go.

I'll be having around a dozen to 15 of each print. The price for these prints is still undecided but I'll try to make them as cheap as possible. The original inked art for the Dark Judges piece will also be up for sale. It'll be quite pricier though, again, the exact amount is still undecided.


COPICS: Superior Spider-Man by SebastianvonBuchwald COPICS: She-Hulk by SebastianvonBuchwald COPICS: Iceman by SebastianvonBuchwald

I'll also be selling ink and copic commissions on the show floor on A4 bristol (like the one above) and they'll run for £50 a pop. I don't know how busy I'll be (if at all) but I can do pre-show commissions as well. Just send me a note, I'll complete it prior to the show and then just stop by to pick it up. :)

 I'll copy and paste this to my journal and the post will be on the front page until the con for easy access. 

Hope to see some of you guys/gals there!
So I'm going to London for a comic con and it's my first time and I'm super excited. I'm looking to sell some prints but I'm having a hard time deciding which. I know of 3 which I'll be taking for sure but other than that I have no idea.

I've made a poll so please, please vote and let me know.

If you have a suggestion other than the ones I've picked then go ahead. 
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Not long after my first DD (of many more, I hope) do I get a write-up on Kotaku about my Mario Versus Series. 

This is pretty sweet and I'm really happy to see that my work is getting some more traction online.

Many thanks to Gergo Vas and, once again, a warm welcome to all new watchers!
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XIX Salon del Manga poster entry by SebastianvonBuchwald

You guys are the best!

I'm super tickled right now.

I'll be replying to all your comments over the course of the day and to all new watchers, welcome aboard! :)
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So I'm doing a 3rd (and final?) version of my Lantern Draft ( which I plan to sell prints of in the near future and I'm looking for some assistance.

I've always wanted to incorporate Black and White Lanters into the set but I've failed at coming up with decent picks for them so, basically, I need fictional characters that represent life and death to put as White and Black Lanterns respectively. I prefer that they don't already overlap with series that other characters in the set originate from, i.e. Star Wars, LotR, etc. It's harder than you think without going for obvious things like the Grim Reaper (who is basically Nekron anyway) and some sort of deity. Death from the Endless is tempting but doesn't work as a Black Lantern at all.

I can't promise inclusion but if you guys can come up with great choices I'll definitely try to put them in.

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Maybe soon....

Fri Oct 18, 2013, 8:18 PM

So yeah, the lack of goodies over the past two months means exactly what you might think: no laptop still. The guys at the repair shop couldn't do a thing so I basically have to buy a new one. 

I had to get a replacement and, without getting into it too much, I bought a laptop online and, lo and behold, they think, for whatever reason, that my account was fraudulent. So I haven't received anything yet but the money is no longer in my account so I dunno. It's been a frustrating few weeks needless to say but I'm hoping to get this resolved soon.

Some of you have asked for commissions and, once I'm up and drawing again, I'll send be sure to let you guys now how that stands. I'll first need to finish up a pending commission for a kind, patient man that has been waiting for over 2 months now.

I have some cool things to announce for next year so yeah, soon I hope. 

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So hey, guess what?

Fri Aug 23, 2013, 7:53 PM

Computer problems again.


I've sent it in for repairs again and I've been drawing on my sketchbook and inking some comic pages which I'll post at some point. Getting really behind on commissions though. Feel pretty awful about that. 

But I penciled Mario vs. Bubsy. Will ink it later and will probably try to get at least a couple of more fights ready on paper by the time I get my laptop back. It'll be a while before I actually color them but at least it's something. Not much else I can do for now. 

Just thought I'd give you guys and gals an update.

That's it for now.  

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