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Supreme Guardians v.3 by SebastianvonBuchwald
Supreme Guardians v.3

UPDATE: Did some small lighting adjustments to get it ready for print so I decided to upload the newest version.

So this piece and I have some history. 

Back in January, I was getting ready for London Super Comic Con and decided to make a piece with these set of characters (being so comics/pop culture heavy) so I could sell it as a print there. I spent a lot of time on the layout and on the actual piece itself because hey, if I'm gonna sell it, I feel I should put some work into it. As I worked my way through it however, I started to lose steam and, eventually, I wound up hating it. I did EVERYTHING except the shading for Kenshin and, of course, whatever layer adjustments needed to be done at the end. I was literally a couple of hours from finishing it and I put it away.

I did and sold other prints at LSCC, everything went swimmingly and now, over six months later, I decided to finally wrap this up.

I never deleted the work I had done (it's been sitting on my drive all this time) because it was a ton of hours thatnI put into it and I kinda knew I'd eventually decide to wrap it up so I did and hey, ultimately, it's not bad at all.

Sadly, I'm left in the same position as the last time I drew these set of characters: I'm not super happy with the piece I did and I still feel like I want to scratch my itch with these dudes. So yeah, maybe a year or two from now I'll do a fourth Supreme Guardians piece, this time with a Black Lantern (Thanos) and a White Lantern (The Doctor). 

But that'll be much later. 

Here's the first: Lantern Draft by SebastianvonBuchwald and second piece:Supreme Guardians by SebastianvonBuchwald I did with these characters for reference. 
COPICS: Doc Doom by SebastianvonBuchwald
COPICS: Doc Doom

I was watching some MVC3 matches earlier and Doom is so badass in that game (Foot Dive!). I like to use characters I've never drawn before when I do these Copic stuff so Doom it was.

This is probably my best one yet and it was a good warm up as I head on to other work.

If you're going to LSCC next week and want one of these don't hesitate to drop me a line so I can have it ready for you at the con. It's 40 pounds a pop. 
Piccolo - 52 by SebastianvonBuchwald
Piccolo - 52

DBZ is huge for me so when this was suggested a few weeks back I wanted to jump on it immediately. Alas, I have a ton of other stuff I'm working on but I decided to take a break for dive into this piece. Tried to be as faithful as possibly to Toriyama's character design. 

Also, is you don't think Piccolo is the best character in DBZ, I'm ready to fight you outside.

Here's the palette challenge completion list in case you have some suggestions:…

Here's FallenZephyr's palette once again: 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyr

And here's the compilation with all the ones I've done so far:

Palette Challenge Compilation by SebastianvonBuchwald
So this Patreon thing is a really interesting thing to me. I've seen other artists have much success with it and I'd love to have a vehicle that allows me to draw more without having to worry about where my next rent money is coming from.

I want to do it right though so I'd like to test the waters and see how viable something like this would be. I've created a poll for that so please go vote on it and answer honestly. 

I have some ideas on what I could offer. Maybe I could have a higher tier wherein people vote on a character for my Mario Versus Series and I could do these more frequently also (twice a month maybe). I would also post PSD files, tutorials and other stuff that you already see offered by other artists on Patreon. It's stuff I'd have to consider about very thoroughly. 

It's something that interests me but, as I said, I'd love to see whether that's viable or not.

So go ahead and vote please!
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Ivan-ElTerrible Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Entonces, qué guay. Sigue así, que tus dibujos molan mazo.
SebastianvonBuchwald Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Muchas gracias! Tengo mucho afecto por Half-Life asi que me lo estoy guardando hasta que tenga una buena idea para hacerlo. 
(1 Reply)
digipokefriend2 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I know Halloween just passed and what not, but maybe a Mario vs. Friday Night At Freddies would be interesting for a future vs. picture.
You know, I haven't played that game but people keep bringing it up so I might have to some day. Then we'll see about doing a Mario vs. ;)
digipokefriend2 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Just be careful if you try 4x20 mode.
Will keep that in mind. ;)
mobilesuitsoldier Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Dude, can you imagine this. Legend of Zelda Cross with Berserk. Guts and Link together.
SebastianvonBuchwald Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
I kinda did that with my Lantern Draft. :)
Still, I think Guts is perhaps too hardcore for Link. 
mobilesuitsoldier Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
I can imagine Link and Gannondorf are fighting when suddenly the eclipse occurs over Hyrule. Just imagine that.

Of course this could also occur…
intoxikaited Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Came across your page, gotta say, love your art! Do you have any process videos that outline your method? I need a lot of help on inking lines, and love the way yours are. :D
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